The Momentum Group Work Secures Access to Tawd Vale Adventure Centre

Tawd ValeThe Momentum Group has completed essential maintenance and repair works at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre to secure future access to the site.

The maintenance and repair works at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre for Merseyside Scouts included creation of a 6 metre wide x 1,500 metre long gravel track, replacement of three water culverts to enhance land drainage, inclusion and fitting of speed humps, a gravel car park plus essential structural repairs to a featured bridge which included a sandblast clean and new handrails.

The Tawd Vale Adventure Centre is a centre for excellence for young people to explore and learn in the great outdoors. Working with scout groups, youth groups, schools and education across Merseyside and attracting visitors from the North West and around the world, the Centre prides itself on its ability to develop life skills for the future. The completion of the maintenance works will ensure the Centre is able to continue its excellent work with young people.

Peter Oliver, County Commissioner for Merseyside Scouts, explains “The mission of The Tawd Vale Adventure Centre is to recognise the impact outdoor education can have on our young people and provide transformative outdoor education giving them the life skills to deal with issues facing them every day.”

The Momentum Group prides itself on delivering for its clients to meet and exceed expectations to agreed programme of works and to budget. Chris Bliss, Co-Founder and Director said “It has been a pleasure to work with Merseyside Scouts. I am proud of the work completed by the team which they have done in consultation and partnership with Merseyside Scouts to programme and to budget. The work of the scouts is incredible and particularly the work at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre. We are pleased that we have been able to work with them on this project and provide improved access to the Centre.’