The Momentum Group appointed by the Trustees of the Merseyside Scouts

The Momentum Group has been appointed by the Trustees of the Merseyside Scouts to deliver essential maintenance and repair works at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre.

The maintenance and repair works at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre for Merseyside Scouts will include essential bridge repairs, car park and access improvements, and periphery landscaping works. The Merseyside Scouts Trustees felt The Momentum Group proposal was cost-effective and provided innovative thinking; meeting the needs of the adventure centre and the Scouts.

The Momentum Group Team on the tree lined drive to Tawd ValeJohn Cadman, Deputy County Commissioner Adventure at Merseyside Scouts, said “We felt The Momentum Group’s approach and detailed response fitted with our needs. Momentum’s attention to detail and understanding of the Scouts at the Adventure Centre really stood out for us and we were pleased to be able to appoint them.

“We have been able to carry out this work following recent fundraising efforts and we were pleased that The Momentum Group has taken this into account.”

Chris Bliss, Co-founder and Director at The Momentum Group added “We are delighted to have been appointed by the Merseyside Scouts, The Tawd Vale Adventure Centre is an important asset to the Scouts, and we are honoured to assist in its maintenance and repair works. Our values, embedded within the company, are to support and give back to our local communities and we are delighted that Momentum Team Members have also volunteered to assist in other works to support the ongoing needs of the Centre. The centre is in constant need of fundraising and volunteering and we would encourage anyone interested in getting involved.”

He went on to say “This is a great opportunity for us to build the momentum and showcase our high standard of work. The Momentum Group has been operating for two years and to have this level of commitment from our clients clearly demonstrates the quality of service and delivery we provide.”

Works have started at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre and will be a four-week programme. To see the work of Tawd Vale in action click here.