Connecting with Nature to benefit Good Mental Health

Chris Bliss, The Momentum Group’s Co-Founder and Director explains why mental health is important, the benefits to a business and why with this year’s Mental Health Awareness theme, Connecting with Nature, can promote good mental health.

The Mental Health Foundation states that a staggering 70 million workdays are lost each year due to mental health problems in the UK, costing employers an estimated £2.4billion per year.

Good mental health and support in the workplace is core to The Momentum Group’s strategy. However, it is suggested that many employees in the UK simply do not have open and honest conversations about mental health in the workplace. We believe that supporting our employees in the workplace increases personal well-being resulting in increased productivity and a happy work environment where the team are able to make the most of their potential and play a full part in delivering for our clients.

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘connecting with nature’ and its importance for good mental health. At the height of the pandemic many of us took advantage of our daily walk, the weather was kind, and the birdsong was amplified due to the lack of traffic.

In research conducted by The Mental Health Foundation, over 50% felt being closer to nature improved their mental health, 40% stated they were less worried or anxious as a result and two thirds reported positive emotions from engaging with the outside and nature.

There are seven ways to connect with nature and here, at The Momentum Group, we are lucky with our team of fitness fanatics – cyclists, open water swimmers, runners and walkers. They enjoy the outdoors and have said they benefit from connecting with nature during their daily exercise – the green space, water and the sounds of nature.

Our open-door policy ensures our team has the opportunity to talk at our daily ‘check-in’ and, as we come out of lockdown, the re-introduction of face-to-face meetings and our ‘better with…..’ lunches create a friendly, open, environment to meet informally to discuss the things that matter.

Here at The Momentum Group, we believe mental health and wellbeing, good physical health and a positive open environment for our team is as important as delivering the job for our clients.