Gathering Momentum to Keep Active in the Workplace

Health and wellbeing is important to The Momentum Group so when the opportunity came up to join the Liverpool Active Workplaces initiative, it was a no brainer! The team are already an active bunch and joining the active workplaces reinforced the team’s commitment to keeping fit and embracing ways to continue the best of lockdown habits and keep active at work.

The Momentum Group is a family of businesses providing end-to-end property solutions – advice, construction, property, and facilities management services for local and national clients to protect and enhance investment assets for occupiers, landlords and investors. The experience covers the full life-cycle of any investment project from advisory services and construction to property management and facilities management.

During the pandemic The Momentum Group worked hard to keep its 30+ staff connected with daily challenges, continued client work, investment in home working capabilities and keeping the team motivated with its investment in a new office at Temple Square in readiness for a return to the office.

Co-Founder Chris Bliss decided to go one step further and recently signed up to the Liverpool Active Workplaces programme 2021 to help Liverpool become the most active core City in England and to help its team at The Momentum Group feel even more connected.

The team has kept active with a mix of cycling, running and daily exercise including weightlifting and creating an ‘at home’ gym. In addition, the team has signed up to a Momentum 5K challenge.

MSP’s Danny Woodworth explains, “It’s great that companies such as The Momentum Group has signed up and used our resources as well as the workplace toolkit to such great effect.”

As Chris Bliss says, “This past 12 months have been incredibly challenging for all in the business community, but we genuinely rose to the challenge of keeping our team together and motivated. It is tempting to be quite sedentary at work especially during lockdown but by embracing and joining Liverpool Active Workplaces, we have encouraged people to keep up their fitness levels by running, walking, swimming, or cycling as part of their daily routine. This really helped with morale which in turn has helped general productivity and we grew by 30% as a business over the period and have hired more than six new people.”

The Momentum Group’s new office has communal spaces and break out areas to encourage social time all within safe social distancing guidelines. It has its own catering facilities which encourage healthy eating and everyday conversations about wellbeing and people are also encouraged to be active from home too.

As Chris says, “As the easing of restrictions lift, there is a real opportunity to continue new healthier behaviours to bring about better productivity, healthier staff and a greener environment.”