Continuing the momentum post COVID 19 the new normal

The Momentum Group Co-Founder, Chris Renshaw, shares his thoughts on what working life might look like post COVID-19 lockdown. 

As the nation contemplates a return to work and watches the slow return of many sectors post COVID-19, here at The Momentum Group, we have monitored our ongoing work and support for our clients and workforce on site during lockdown.  This has given us an insight and opportunity to understand what has worked and what hasn’t.

Safety is a priority for The Momentum Group, we have maintained support for those on site and our facilities management team, with the provision of PPE in line with HSE and UK Government guidelines.

With the team performing in various working environments since lockdown, the return will bring challenges and we want to ensure our people feel that they are safe and supported working in the ‘new normal’. Our post-COVID working practices will be implemented once we are satisfied that the risk to our teams is minimised.

We believe that collaboration is key, and we are working with our clients, supply chain and partners to resolve complex issues in establishing the best way forward when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

The welfare of staff and the supply chain is essential to ensure the best possible support for the team and their families. The introduction of local interventions based on best practice examples, such as taking temperature tests before anyone starts work in the various places in which we operate, and utilising testing provision as required, will be a key consideration, as will the continued provision of PPE and logistics for social distancing.

We are working with our clients, supply chain and partners to go beyond industry standards to meet guidelines, this could include one-way systems, management of entrances and exits and embedding social responsibility into the team and the people they work with.

We have been maintaining our service delivery for our clients since lockdown and will continue to do so throughout. Establishing new ways of working to ensure a safe environment for not only our staff, but those who we come in contact with is also essential.

We will continue to work safely, efficiently and go beyond client expectations. We will remain flexible in our approach ensuring an ability to adapt to the ever-changing Government Strategy.

We will not compromise on the safety of our staff, the supply chain or the quality of work we deliver for our clients. That’s our promise.